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At Gonzalez, we support many diverse charities, from United Way to Juvenile Diabetes.

We believe that giving back is one of the most important mission’s of any successful organization. From its very beginning, the Gonzalez portfolio has supported many diverse charities, from United Way to Juvenile Diabetes. Over the years, our reach has extended to philanthropic causes both large and small, culminating in the creation of the Ric Gonzalez Memorial Foundation ( to help provide college scholarships to Hispanic students in our region.

Today, we continue to support dozens of charitable causes involving poverty, disease, youth services and education.

The Ric Gonzalez Memorial Foundation was created in 2004 to honor the life and gifts of Fredrick Julian Gonzalez.
Each year, the foundation provides scholarships to deserving Hispanic students living in Southeastern Michigan. So far 153 scholarships have been awarded totaling $551,500. Scholarship funds can be used towards whichever school the students choose to attend and can even be used for books and other necessary school supplies.

Student Updates

Danny Santos

Dolores Perales

Maria Gonzalez

Raquel Martinez

As a recipient of the Ric Gonzalez Scholarship, I would like to thank the organization for always believing in me in all of my academic pursuits.

Thank you for checking in on myself and all the other Ric Gonzalez Scholarship recipients. I know I, myself, greatly appreciate it and I’m sure everyone else does as well.

I was accepted into University of Detroit Mercy’s nursing program and I am currently taking classes and working my way towards my four-year BSN. 

I am currently a sophomore at the University of Detroit Mercy studying mechanical engineering. My current cumulative GPA is 3.28. As a part of my extracurricular activities I participate in HASA the Hispanic American Student Association and SWE the Society of Women in Engineering. 

Emilio Velazquez

Paulina Torres

Jazzmin Milety

Carmen Engel

I am pleased to say that I am doing quite well; I now attend the University of Michigan Ann Arbor.  I want thank the RGMF for selecting me as a recipient for the scholarship.

I am a freshman at the University of Detroit Mercy where I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering. My experience thus far has been great. I would like to thank you and the Ric Gonzalez Memorial Foundation committee for giving me the opportunity 

Thank you for reaching out to me! I’d love to share my updates since high school. I’m still here at Wayne State University this is my 5th year. Thank you Ric Gonzalez Memorial Foundation for pouring into me in the beginning of my journey. You are immensely appreciated.

My name is Carmen Engel and I was a recipient of the Ric Gonzalez Memorial Foundation in 2011. I am currently in my fourth year at the University of Virginia.  I am studying kinesiology and I mainly focus on special needs children.  I hope to graduate in May and go on to be certified as an Applied Behavioral Analyst.

Javier Jurado

Ana Cordera Vilchis

Hello, I have started my college life and commitment at Baker College in Allen Park to study for Business Mechanical Engineering.

It’s great to hear from you and the foundation. So much has happened since the night I received my scholarship and met you and the other committee members. I’m very content with where I am right now and I’m excited for the future and the opportunities ahead of me.