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We are committed to learning new and innovative ways to grow with you.

Our intelligent and adaptable teams are capable of providing you with custom solutions. We apply our decades of experience with creative thinking and the latest technologies to best serve you.

We invite you to explore our diverse service groups to understand further how we can meet and exceed your manufacturing goals.
With facilities in the United States and Mexico, Gonzalez is equipped with more than 300,000-square-feet of manufacturing space designed to create a solution for you.

Our Capabilities

We have the experience, space and teams to provide you with the solution you need to be successful. Assembly automation can boost capacity and quality, while lowering production costs. With our dedicated teams, the latest technologies and software,  Gonzalez can help you create ergonomic and efficient product lines that protect your team from hazardous conditions, all while completing assembly quickly and effectively.

Together, we create adaptable material handling systems tailored to your specific requirements. Every customer solution is unique, and we produce custom designed solutions utilizing the leading industrial components from Gonzalez and preferred suppliers. These solutions not only enhance your productivity, but also reduce your operational costs, ultimately contributing to your bottom-line success.

At Gonzalez, we pride ourselves for our creative thinking and innovative approaches to the world’s most challenging problems. We are continulously looking forward to make each idea and product, better than the last. Using the latest technologies and the industries brightest minds, we extend these Research & Development practices to our customers. We are here to help guide you through each step, from concept to implementation. 

Gonzalez has developed an array of services to support your specific needs. The true value of Additive Manufacturing is unlocked by design flexibility. Gonzalez has a multitude of modeling software, analysis, and CAD packages.

Gonzalez specializes in building frames, bases, and components for jigs and fixtures utilized in various industries. Computer-aided design systems selected to meet customer requirements provide seamless integration with our client’s internal engineering activities.

Gonzalez Manufacturing Technologies specializes in the design, prototype, and low volume build of specialized returnable material handling containers. We help manufacturers and suppliers precisely with the services they need, whether shipping short or long distances over the road via truck, rail car, or delivering products to precision automated manufacturing systems.

From hardware design to PLC/HMI software development and field commissioning, we offer comprehensive cradle to grave control systems. Our dedicated professionals are well-versed in using both Rockwell and Siemens hardware and software, ensuring that we can meet your specific requirements and preferences. 

From Self Piercing Rivets (SPR), Flow Drill Screws (FDS), Resistance Welding (RSW), MIG Welding (MIG) to Induction Heating, Clinch Systems, Clinch Nut Systems, and Stud Welding.  We have the size, experience and a vast array of equipment that can be used to validate all Welding & Joining processes.

We provide complete integration and development of laser welding systems.  This includes the development of the laser welding process, the Laser light-tight enclosure and all associated tooling and equipment necessary to supply our customers with a complete integrated solution. 

Gonzalez uses a wide range of cameras, lenses, lighting, and software to create a vision system that not only provides a customized solution but offers the best performance for the cost. From a stand-alone, single camera cell to a comprehensive vision inspection and automation system with multiple cameras, we design and build systems to meet challenging needs. 

We provide a working partnership with our customers in which communication is always at the core.  Our team makes it a point to learn everything they can about what our customers do and exactly what kind of people it takes to help them do it. This enables us to provide a level of service not often seen in our industry, with a talent specialist or account manager always being a phone call away.

We provide our customers with a specifically tailored solution to meet their measuring needs. Utilizing our expansive array of the latest metrology and scanning technologies, we can measure, certify, study and reverse engineer the most complex and small components to layout and level entire manufacturing facilities.

At Gonzalez, our highly qualified and dedicated Project Management team is here to assist you throughout the entire process. We will collaborate with you using the latest communication and project management tools. We ensure that the project schedule is transparent and guarantee the highest level of quality for our customers.


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How Can We Help?

Let us create a custom solution for you. With the latest technologies, brightest minds, and decades of experience across a variety of industries – Gonzalez is fully equipped to meet and exceed your expectations. 

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